Giants Gold slot

An Overview Of Giants Gold Slot Game

There is just something about the stories we were told when we were younger. They tend to stick with us well into our older years. Take Jack and the Beanstalk, for example. Almost everyone can recall the story of Jack, a young boy, his magic beans, the beanstalk that sprung from them and the giant he encountered once he’d climbed it. It is said that he found plenty of gold and jewels up the beanstalk. This makes it the perfect theme and setting for Williams Interactive’s online casino game, Giants Gold slot. However, instead of Jack being the lead character, he has been replaced by a young, determined woman.


The Slot Game’s Basics

Giants Gold slot game has quite a complicated structure when compared to that of other games of this kind. The game makes use of two different sets of reels. One of them has five reels with four rows. However, the other set of reels is much bigger, with five reels and 12 rows. Naturally, this complicates the betting ever so slightly. Players are able to play a combined maximum of 100 paylines per bet. While this may be slightly less straightforward than most other online slots games, it is still fairly easy to figure out, meaning that players of every level will be able to play this game.

The Symbols On The Reels

Every online slots game has symbols which not only convey the theme of the game, but also to set it apart from its counterparts. Giants Gold slot game has plenty of symbols adorning the reels, each of which speak to this new-age retelling of the classic children’s story. These symbols appear across both sets of reels and include the likes of a golden harp, a cow, a goose and food. The game’s wild symbol is represented by the beanstalk. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol that may be missing from a winning combination. Should players manage to spin the golden egg symbol, they will automatically activate the bonus game.

How Does The Bonus Game Work?

First and foremost, it must be noted that the golden egg symbol, which automatically triggers the bonus game, only appears on the first, third and fifth reels of both sets. Players need to spin at least three of these symbols for the bonus game to start. Once this happens, the player will be awarded with five free spins. However, these symbols are stacked, which makes it even easier for players to land more free spins. All winnings made through this bonus game will be multiplied by two.

While Giants Gold slot game may not stay entirely true to the tale of Jack and the giant, it certainly provides plenty of entertainment for players to enjoy. With a bonus game and wild symbol on offer, there are also lots of opportunities for winnings to be increased so that players can walk away with an extra bit of cash, regardless of what their level of experience may be.