Nordic Spirit

A Look at Nordic Spirit Online Slots

Williams Interactive Software has, over the years, redefined the look and feel of many classic slot games, with innovations such as stacked reels, pyramid reels with multiple payout lines, and touch screens on their cabinet casino games. While Nordic Spirit returns to the classic five reel layout of most conventional slot games, it features gorgeous artwork and a look and feel that is unique to itself. The game is set on a backdrop of sweeping green lands and fjord waters, and features a strapping Viking style female as the eponymous spirit of the Nordic lands. Forget safe cars, cellular phones and mineral water: this is Scandinavia from days of yore.


Symbols and Payouts

The 5 reels of this game give a potential 40 payout lines, as well as a bonus bet feature, which adds a number of virtual reels and symbols. The reels feature very smooth animation, and seem to flow like a waterfall, rather than simply spin.  The symbols themselves are the playing card suits for those of low value, before rising to symbols of Nordic life and legend: there are horses, eagles, snow leopards, as well as bluebells and drinking horns, and a beautifully rendered waterfall. The Wild symbols are those of the volcano (much like the one that shut down European air traffic in 2011) and the Nordic goddess: these are expanding Wilds, and can potentially cover an entire reel, setting off whole series of winning combinations.

Free Spins

There are a number of ways in which these can be triggered: landing on three Scatter Bonus Symbols will award 10 free spins, 4 symbols will trigger 25 free spins, while uncovering 5 Scatter symbols will award you with 100 free spins, as well as a bonus. The big wins are a little more rare during the free spins than during normal play, but they are still there, and the potential to accumulate a big reward is definitely a draw card.

A Classic and Classy slot

While Nordic Spirit may not feature some of the Wilds and Bonus Features that many slots do display nowadays, it has a very classy appearance, with some stunning art work and smooth animation. For a non-affiliated slot, without licensed chunks of video footage and a range of affiliated products to fall back on, Williams Interactive Software has managed to produce a gorgeous and memorable stand alone slot that will definitely have players coming back for more, and fits in well with their line up of classic slots, even though it features more conventional game play than many of these. The expanding Wilds, as well as the Progressive Jackpot that casino versions of this game can offer, means that there is good potential for payouts on this slot, but the true hallmark of this one is the high quality of its appearance, which has made it a classic from the day it first appeared. Visit Scandinavia, with Williams Interactive: it’s always rewarding at this time of year!